About Us

Our goal is to help families receive the information and services they need to overcome learning differences and succeed in the world. We aim to empower parents to help their children but we cannot do it alone. Hopes, Dreams, Journey is a community effort. The more you contribute and interact with the community the better we can be together. Join us.

HDJ Team

HDJ Team

David Golden

I cofounded Hopes, Dreams, Journey because I saw a need unfulfilled. There are so many families struggling with learning differences and there are so many experts with vast experience and knowledge who only want to help.  My goal is to connect the dots and put people together.

I have over 20 years of experience designing scalable and viral web applications. I've worked at Yahoo!, MySpace as well as small internet start ups that have grown into successful companies. I've never felt so passionate about a project as I do about this site.  Join us.

Stacey Kovoloff

My passion for touching children's lives began in 1993, when I worked at Project Head Start, which helped me develop an understanding of children with special needs ranging from intellectually gifted to spectrum disorders. Then, as a private preschool educator for 11 years, I watched frustrated families attempt to navigate the school selection process on their own, only to find a less than perfect educational fit. The process was made even more aggravating when the child had special needs.

Jay Goss

I help bring companies to life and create growth spurts for companies that have been been around for a while, but find themselves stalled. I am all about execution (strategy is great, but execution drives success!), and have built, run and "growth spurted" businesses across a variety of different industries/sectors – digital and traditional – working entrepreneurially for early stage companies (from zero to five years old), and "intrapreneurially" inside large organizations such as Disney, Reed Elsevier, Summa Group and UCLA, building new business units on their behalf. 

Imy Wax

Imy Wax is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Certified Educational Planner (CEP),
Educational Consultant and the co-author of The K&W Guide to Colleges For Students with Learning
Differences (13th edition, Random House/Princeton Review). Currently active in both family practice
and Educational Consulting, Imy travels over 75,000 miles per year visiting programs, schools,
colleges and post-secondary options for children, adolescents and young adults throughout the U.S.
She is also a wife, mother to four, and grandmother to seven.
Imy is also the author of numerous articles in parent and professional journals, has presented at
workshops both in the U.S. and abroad on a variety of topics, and has been quoted in popular magazines.

Bryan Winn

Bryan graduated from the Whittier College of Law where he received his J.D. and CALI awards in two courses including Disability Law and Special Education Law. He was also one of only four law students awarded a position in the Lanterman Special Education Clinic at Whittier. 

In 2006, Bryan joined  Newman Aaronson Vanaman, LLP, in Sherman Oaks, California where he began his legal career as a clerk for Valerie Vanaman and later as an attorney who has worked on numerous cases involving children with Autism, ADHD, Emotional Disturbance, Specific Learning Disabilities and Down Syndrome.

Bryan is licensed to practice in the Central and Eastern Districts of California. Since joining Newman.Aaronson.Vanaman, LLP, he has filed and resolved hundreds of cases against various school districts all over California. Furthermore, Bryan has litigated numerous superior court, federal court and ninth circuit court of appeals cases in all areas of special education.  



Howard Wax

Howard Wax has been a serial entrepreneur from the time he could sell lemonade. Howard is the “Sage Advisor” of his own business consultancy, The Wax Group, and is currently employed as the Senior Advisor/Consultant of a leading Dental Instrument Manufacturing company from which he is semi-retired after 45 years as its CEO and a previous owner.  Howard successful business career had its roots in the aerospace industry prior to partnering in growing a small instrument company (1970) to one of the industry’s most successful international brands. 
He is a college grad (1964) and earned his Master’s Degree in Business (2003).